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Triplefin's Projects

Sharing the Wonders of the Sea

Help us bring the living wonders of the Sea of Cortez to you and the world.

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Give this young sea lion a second chance at life and stop her suffering.

Fin + Blue = Flue (A 100% funded project through 2023!)

There’s a very special, hybrid whale out there swimming around Isla San Jose and he can tell us a lot about Blue and Fin whale behavior . . . if we can find him.

Giant Sea Bass Conservation

Move over Megalodon . . . There’s a real, mysterious giant living in the Sea of Cortez and they need your help!

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Ghost Net Busters

Help us stop the killers that keep on killing with a gift that will keep on giving whales, sharks, dolphins, sea lions and more a chance to live.

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We’re A Real (Sustainable) Ketch!

It’s not a sexy thing to ask for, but we need help to make Triplefin’s energy 100% renewable.

Mangroves: Hammerhead Nurseries

Shark lovers unite! Triplefin is supporting research on our endangered hammerhead sharks with a focus on potential nurseries in overlooked, sheltered mangrove bays.

Citizen-Science with R.E.E.F.

Your donation helps us protect reef fish so they’ll be around for your grandkids to enjoy!

International Hands-WAY-On Education

Would you like to enable kids in Mexico to join us for a life-changing experience aboard Triplefin?

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