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Velvet Stretches Around Whangerei Town Basin

Thanks to the great organizing skills and creative ideas of Kim Jones, the National Coordinator for the Whitebait Connection, Velvet appeared her colorful best all stretched out outside along the waterfront at Whangarei’s Town Basin this February.

Almost all 78 meters in one photo!

As you can see, the local press appeared and ran a nice little piece on the event and the project itself.  We also got a lot of signatures on the petition calling for the Ministry of Fisheries to place a ban on the commercial fishing of the threatened longfin and Kim had a lot of cheerful volunteers out helping set up Velvet!

Thanks to all for signing!

vollys setting up

Another WBC project coordinator, Nicki Wakefield, celebrates the moment that all 78 meters (and growing) is up for folks to see and many people did come out for a look at our growing eel.

Thanks Nicki!

A young kaitiaki.

Kim created a sweet-as video of the day in Whangarei… scroll down for it and be sure not to miss it!

Thanks Kim and all you freshwater lovers in and around Whangarei!

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