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Tuna in Wellington!

Due to all the busy-ness here in the desert with the growing jaguar tapestry, one would think that with regards to the dear eels that a cat got my tongue!  Well, I may have taken an eel-blog writing break, but our velvety tuna hasn’t rested one bit.  Check out these photos taken in Wellington while she was on display at the Education for Sustainability Conference :

Here’s what our own Gill Stewart had to say about the event:

“Velvet made a spectacular entrance on the 2nd day of our conference. She was everywhere you looked. This foyer area worked out really well.  (The conference) was held at Rutherford House – part of Victoria University. The conference was for Early childhood, primary, secondary and community educators.

I think Velvet has inspired some more people to be involved – a heard a few getting very excited about it. Actually the building was across the road from parliament grounds and it was on our election day ! She would tie up beautifully to the fence now !! Might even get right around – the front bit anyway.

Susan Karels, the Enviro Schools Regional Co-ordinator from Northland spoke for Velvet under the theme: Bright Ideas.

People making odd comments on the You tube clip of (Stephanie) feeding the eels at Mt Bruce …. like ‘yum !’ and ‘don’t you know it is dangerous!’ Ha! “

Gill was referring to the time she and I spent last year together feeding the “big girls” at Pukaha (Mt. Bruce).  Here is the YouTube video Gill took that day.

  The longfins were indeed silky and gentle…… but I am glad I was wearing rubber waders, as they were looking for their daily feed!

Continued “Thank You” to Gill for all her help and skilled photography as well as Susan Karels from Northland!

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