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Thanks so much! - Chica Jo and Paul

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Thanks to a group effort, we were able to give the workshop in Canterbury!

Much appreciation for East Coast host, Hilary Isles and her EnviroSchools team of Jocelyn Paprill, Toni Watts (and scooter-driving daughter Charlie), Jen Rodgers and more!

Vivacious art on the wall reflects vivacious women on the couch!

Hilary and her lovely, creative family fed me well down in Geraldine.  Her hubby, George, and son, Rob supplied many laughs.  And, her daughter in-law Just can do the best eager-male-moose-face imitation ever seen this side of the equator!  I am looking forward to seeing photos of the new baby when he/she arrives around November.  Also staying at the Isles household was fellow American (from Alaska) and super-cool-Appalachian-style fiddle player and explorer Jenny.  What a treat to stay with all these folks and meet their organic dairy farming neighbors…………..that yogurt was a glorious and guilt-free treat.  Finally, Hilary was such an energizing, creative spirit who shared fantastic educational and artistic ideas with me.  I am so grateful for her presence and support.

This satiny ray is just one of many lush designs added this week by Hilary's ingenious hands.

I’ll be looking forward to visiting her again one day when she is at home in her straw bale house and busy creating another sublime landscape with pastels.

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