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South Canterbury KCC Sews for the Tuna!

Win Parks, the Coordinator for South Canterbury branch of Kiwi Conservation Club has some news as well as some photos to share.  With the leadership of Justine Carson-Isles, this local chapter of Forest and Bird’s youth program (KCC) has made their own panel to contribute to Velvet when she was on display at the South Canterbury Museum in Timaru during September and October.  Sroll down for some new photos!

As you can see from these photos, this group of youngsters are already getting well educated about the life that swims through the freshwaters in their own backyards:

Studying some freshwater fish at South Canterbury Museum

Justine reading “Velvet & Elvis” at the South Canterbury Museum

Big thanks to Win for getting things started there and for Justine for keeping them going… even while (as you can see) she is a busy new mom!  And, as promised, here are a few photos of the latest panel in progress:

Isabella, Win and William show off their lovely and lively contribution.

William carefully places the shark in the marine section of the piece.

Isabella Kellahan is excited about the work on the tapestry!

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