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Shortbread Cottage: A Little Rest in My Little Nest

As I prepare to fly back to life and love and home in Tucson, Arizona I have sweet Shortbread Cottage to call home for a couple days of rest.

A Nelson Hilke...Heading towards the Center of NZ and tall Grampions.

This is the place where the whole Tuna Tapestry got its start two years ago.

Standing at the Geographical Centre of NZ

It is the home and business of one of the dearest people in my life.  My mate, Jimmy, helped me remember who I am,  helped me believe in myself, and taught me the value of complete honesty.  He’s not here to visit this time.  He’s out living his own dreams of helping others.  Jimmy has started a successful charity that raises money for kids’ schools in Nepal, and he is there now on a visit.  I am so happy for him and for my little home in Nelson that he makes sure is always here for me and others when we need it.  I am grateful.  Thanks Jimmy (and Sasa and Tonja who are hostel-sitting and giving me a lift to the airport)!

A Design at the Base of Nelson's Eel Bridge

I’ll settle back in to the desert and then see about getting this tapestry on tour.

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