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Our Tuna Swims into the International Science Festival!

Thanks to the hard work of Enviroschools regional co-ordinators Jenny Neilson and Jennie Upton as well as many others who helped out, Velvet was on display at the Dunedin City Library last month.  Although we all got a good laugh at some mis-quotes and mis-spellings, this newspaper article: Dunedin article on the event is still sweet-as…….. especially with Jenny and Jennie showing off the velvety panels!

Also, Channel 9 interviewed Jenny Nielson about Velvet’s part in the International Science Festival.  Check it out:   “Cheers” to Jenny for doing such a great job representing our social art project and supporting environmental education in NZ!

These two lovely Enviroschool ladies also helped the children’s section of the library create a Dunedin panel before Velvet migrates out of Otago.  Here are a few photos of the making of the colorful, lively piece:

Greta, Jenny’s grand daughter, is hard at work on her crab……

…and “TA- Daaa!” Love that smile.

This dolphin looks pretty happy too.

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