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Our Eel Swims to Auckland’s Zoo!

Yes, our Travelling Tuna Tapestry found her way to the big city and was welcomed there by the Auckland Zoo before heading off to the South Island for a while.  As you can see, lots of folks of all ages lent their patient hands to create a whole new panel for the still-growing tapestry.  She’s at about 80 meters now thanks to their work!  

Here is what Monique Zwaan, who got Velvet to the zoo, had to say about the recycled eel’s time there:

You will be pleased to know that eels (all kinds) get a good press in the zoo. we have both short and long finned in the stream that runs through the zoo, and regularly do an eel encounter for the public. We recently opened Te Wao Nui, the NZ precinct with six bio-habitats. One of the habitats is ‘The Wetland’, where we have an eel tank  with viewing window. Again, both shortfinned and longfinned.The interpretation is specifically on the lifecycle and conservation of long finned, and we have specific action messages for people to take to protect eels (and other living things of course!).We love eels here!Its good to have had the chance to have Velvet in the zoo -rain prevented us doing more days in the zoo itself, but when the sun was out she was displayed along the boardwalk which leads to the wetland, most fitting!Cheers,Monique

 Look at the lovely panel full of native freshwater life……. all finished and ready to be added to the middle:

And Monique is right about loving eels at the zoo.  Look at all the folks trying to get a peek at the elusive fish:

Thanks Monique and everyone at the Auckland Zoo!

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