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Kaitiakitanga Abounds

Cathie Christensen comes from a family that has been kaitiaki for native bush just to let biodiversity thrive for over 70 years. She grew up looking for baby eels under rocks in her family’s stretch of river.  Now, as a literacy and numeracy tutor at the Regent Training Centre in Whangarei, she is taking her adult students to see Velvet on display at KiwiNorth as a way of celebrating Matariki before the Taniwha Exhibition moves on.  Cathie says that she is using the display of our looooooongfin as a way of helping her students to “reconnect positively with their community and environment”.  She also says that she is keen to sign the “Lifeline for Longfins” petition while at the museum in Whangarei.

A Native Bully...part of the great biodiversity of NZ!

“Here’s” to Cathie and her family for making local, native biodiversity a main goal of their family and sharing that with the community!  Perhaps we’ll see a section of eel created by Cathie and her students and/or family!  I also hope to meet her family’s eels when next in lovely Whangarei (next winter?).

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