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Jacob McPherson and His Mates at Kaniere School are the First Wild West Coasters to Join the Project

“Cheers” to Zoe, Kristine, Melanie, and Michelle who are having their students sew for the eels and freshwater health.  Here on the West Coast, around Hokitika, the kids are hands-on familiar with and enthusiastic about their rivers because they fish in them where they flow from the Southern Alps to the Tasman Sea.

Michelle and Melanie's classes show their freshwater enthusiasm!

Avid “whitebaiters”, many of these youngsters know all about native fish making life-cycle-journeys from freshwater to saltwater.  You might even spot some native flora and fauna in one of the school’s murals, which reflects life in this area.

Wild West Coast Mural

We had so much fun playing leptocephalli -vs- whale tag that we didn’t have time to start on the tapestry today!  I’ll  look forward to seeing photos of their work!

And, as an EnviroSchool teacher, Zoe is helping to get lots of participation from others around the area.  Kristine’s previous kids even literally wrote the book in whitebait life!  It will be terrific to see their creative and knowledgeable additions to the tapestry!

Zoe and Kristine's classes know their own power for making positive change!

Notice natural "schooling" behavior of baby eels as the hungry whale moves in!

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