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Introducing: “Sewing Spots Together”….. Make Room for the Jaguar, NZ Eels!

 “Sewing Spots Together” uses hands-on, public art making to bring people in Arizona and beyond together to discover and value the importance of connecting wild spaces (“spots”) and preserving biodiversity throughout the jaguar’s native range.  Please see this PDF for a visual and conceptual understanding of what the project actually is, and how your group can experience the empowerment that comes with being part of something locally important and bigger than themselves.

The Original Concept Sketch

With the help of Defenders of Wildlife Southwest Chapter, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Saguaro National Park, friends, food and laughs, I have already created the “head” and “tail” of this potentially infinitely looooooooooooong jaguar made mostly of re-used junk and old clothes that visually showcases the diverse plants, animals, geography, and people that live within the elusive wild cat’s range from South America to Arizona.  Your class or school can create one of the many 8-foot long panels that will be added to the middle.   As it grows, the project will be exhibited in museums, public spaces, and at events around Arizona and beyond.  For example, SNP and National Geographic will be the first to use it as an attention-getting installation at this fall’s BioBlitz. Your own school could possibly even use it as a fundraiser for a science, art, or cultural club!!!

Panels Being Added at the AZ-Sonora Desert Museum!

So, please see the this PDF and feel free to share it and this e broadly with others you think may want to participate either as panel-artists or for display.  And, of course, feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas as to how you can be involved.  You are welcome to take the project and run with it, or, let me know if you’d like me to visit your group to show the “head” and “tail” and to help your you create your own middle panel.

Please contact me at:  with questions and to find out where to mail your section of the jaguar!  Who knows where in the world it will roam!

Spotty “Cheers”,


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