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Inspiration Shared at Aratoi.

After a heartfelt and personal introduction by my Masterton host and internationally renowned sculptor

A few of Sam's Tuna Kuwharuwharu... one of many interesting subjects whose spirits seem to be revealed and made accessibly tactile by the artist.

, Sam Ludden, the evening Aratoi adult sewing workshop was underway.  A soft velvety hug must be given to Hammi Te Whaiti and his crew: Wawaro, Catherine,  Fiona and especially the early-to-arrive and late-to-leave-Nick…. and others at Masterton’s Aratoi Museum of art and culture.

We were surprised and inspired by the presence and creativity of Ruth Bucknell’s students from Wairarapa College.  Their tapestry has become a sculptural form itself… and left me inspired to create with abandon!  WILD!

Wairarapa College's section is a patchwork of vivacious conservation messages.

Detail: Beaded Seaweed & Yet-to-be-stitched Cray

"JAWS 3-D" The Cutest Shark Known To Man

We had a terrific turn-out with lots of locals eager to help save the longfin and freshwater ecosystems.  The participation and excitement really gave me a breath of inspiration in the middle of my tuna heke.

Stichin' and Laughin'..."Thanks, Ya'll!"

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