• Chica Jo

Greytown’s Eel-Kids Consider Local Water Use

Brigid Stevens and Jolene Butson’s students at Greytown School are joining the tapestry with a promise to make two panels… that’s another 4 meters that will end up wrapped around Parliament one day!  Awesome.  These are thinking students, as they considered how water is used here in the Wairarapa.  One student even expressed concern that farmers are pumping water from the already-low streams for irrigation.

Irrigation being pumped from the Ruamahanga River.

We talked about how eels and other native fish and invertebrates need cool, abundant, clean water in order to survive and be healthy, and about how humans need that water too.  It was a lively school visit with kids who are wanting to work to improve the freshwater ecosystems where they live.

Ready to Sew for Conservation! GO GREYTOWN!

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