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From Patagonia to Patagonia…..

Last week some Patagonia, AZ first and second graders pondered how the current range of  the jaguar is from Patagonia the country, near the tip of South America, all the way up to their small community of Patagonia, Arizona!  

These kids were amazed that the jaguar once roamed as far north as our Grand Canyon and were eager to learn of the current threats posed to the jaguar and other borderland critters that need wildlife corridors in order to survive.  We discussed the problems with urban sprawl, deforestation for cows and agriculture, border fences, and modern destructive mining practices……… some topics that are very urgent in Patagonia and the areas surrounding its amazingly rich-in-life mountains of the Santa Ritas.  

These kids were so eager to share their stories about all the diversity of wildlife that lives there with them.  Did you know that Arizona is the US state with most biodiversity, and that that is mostly due to the intersection of our desert lands with the tropical lands of northern Mexico?  Yes, those moist and cool canyons in the Santa Ritas and other Southwest borderlands mountains are some of the most critical wildlife corridors on the planet and they need our protection right away!  

And, of course the kids loved Rondo the puppet!

The entire length of Sewing Spots Together will be on display Saturday, April 21st just across from the Patagonia Creative Arts Center.  As a matter of fact, it was thanks to the generosity and creative spirit of the Center’s director, Faye Tinley, that the project found its way to Patagonia for the month of April.  And, what a perfect time with the sycamores and cottonwoods just leafing out in bright, spring green.  

Appreciation is also due to Wendy Russell who connected us to Faye, Molly Phiney who lent her creative passions to help with the workshop, Therese Fontes who not only helped with the workshop but was inspired to create more that one of her own professionally-painted jaguar sections, and Kate Musick who opened her classroom for us and shared her delightful students!

Photos of the event on the 21st will come later on (and we’ll be thanking Gooch, I’m sure).  For now, here is a newspaper article on the planned event that mentions our jaguar.  I am very excited to see the four or more new panels that are being made right now by kids and adults in the truly unique Patagonia!

Click here for more information on how Patagonia’s renowned biodiversity is currently in danger and please help out by sharing.  The video is especially moving…… let’s get informed!

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