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Details of Jaguar Head and Tail…

I thought it would be sweet to share some of the little details of biodiversity within the jaguar’s home range (from the Amazon to Arizona) that were lovingly sewn on to the head and tail panels months ago by so many of us working on this project.  Enjoy:

This Costa's Hummingbird leads the way, as it too migrates from points South into Arizona.

Don't forget our struggling native fish.

Let's remember that we people are part of nature too!

Monkeys and different coral snakes live with tropical jag's!

One of many disguises in the rain forest.

Jag eye or sewing machine bobbin spool?

Notice AZ life above the jag, and Amazon life below.

A bat magically sewn with twisty wire!

Cactus wren on manzanita, scorpion, petroglyphs, and pinicate beetle.

7 Javelina just peeked in my workshop door as I was posting this picture!

Leaping leopard frog.

tarantula...a gentle giant

a caiman in jungle waters

Leaf cutter ants, like the jaguar, are at home in Arizona and in the tropics.

Mayan jaguar dancer and Chichen Itza.

...and more rain forest trickery.

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