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Dalefield Kids are Feisty with Desire to Save their Water Life!

Cherryl’s gang at Dalefield School had heaps of knowledge to share about local stream health.  Many of these kids are planning to go into the community to teach about the longfin and how to be better guardians of their waterways here in the Wairarapa.   This view from the glider flight I took yesterday gives an idea of just how much farm-related pollution (especially fertilizer) drains into the catchment here:

Arial view of the heavily farmed land all around and along the Ruamahanga River.

They are keen to make sure the tapestry gets to Wellington to wrap up Parliament in Velvet!  Thanks to these energetic kids who are ready to get things to change, and find ways for farming and conservation to work together!

Cherryl and just a few of her students with some ideas for applique subjects on the board.

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