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Communism, in its ideal concept, is alive and well in Island Bay near Wellington!

Charles Barrie and his flat mates, Paul, Teresa, and Tricia hosted me for a week and showed me how possible it is for people to live together and work individually for the common good… for the ultimate peaceful and healthy function of the household.  It was beautiful to be a part of and I will take the spirit of generosity with it back to Tucson.  I’ve long wanted to change my old way of cohabitating that relies on bartering.  You know:  “I’ll do this for you if and only if you do that for me.”  I am ready to let that go and give of myself when and how ever I can for our home of my hubby and 13-year-old son…………and our occasional guests who come to help with our various environmental missions.

So a generous “congratulations” to those four beautiful people and their garden and chickens which fed me and to the dog, Tara, for saving me from the gang of rabbits on the hill!

The view from the house in Island Bay.

Knowing it’s good for work to also play, I had a relaxing week of snorkeling around the Taputaranga marine reserve.  When I swam out to the island in the bay my mouth dropped and I got water in my snorkel when I saw the heaps of paua the size of rugby balls right below me.  Thank goodness for marine reserves.  I also enjoyed barracuda, giant, tentacle-less jellyfish, enormous red-velvet brittle stars, and such a variety of forms and colors of seaweed it made me crave a big salad!  Gorgeous.

An artist in the making at Te papa

The Tuna Tapestry did travel to THE grand-daddy of all NZ museums on Sunday when Melanie Dash hosted the program at Te Papa!  So many people from all over the world lent their creative energy and conservation curiosity to what will be a gorgeous section of tapestry thanks to Melanie and her crew.  It sounds like they may do more sections once the current one is all finished…. and may hang the finished tapestry after it encircles the Beehive!

A lovingly-crafted kia bird

Thanks All!  And, please send photos as sections are completed.  Cheers.

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