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Celebrating Tuna Roa on Waiheke Island!

Today for National Children’s Day and Sea Week Tanya Batt and other Waiheke folks celebrated their native long finned eel/tuna through story and art. Danny Shortland, storyteller and carver and artist and cartoonist, Nooroa, shared the traditional Maori story of Tuna Roa – the father of all eels.

The kids were captivated!

The kids were captivated!

After sharing stories they all worked together to create the Waiheke Island panelfor the 200 metre fabric tapestry tuna nui who is swimming its way to parliment house on the 19th March to call an end to the commercial fishing of the long finned eel.

What a fine, fun mess!

What a fine, fun mess!

A really special day of creating and sharing, doubly blessed by the tears of Rangi as the first rain in a month fell.

Look at that kokopu!

Look at that kokopu!

A BIG mihi to Jacqueline Joseph of Forest and Bird Haurkai Islands, Bea Lorimer of Heke Designs, Danny Shortland and Nooroa for their time, talents and energy that made today possible.  See ya’ll at Parliament!!!

Gorgeous finished panel!
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