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A Panel for the Underfrogs!

I was speechless today when the Fed-Ex guy arrived with a new Sewing Spots Together panel freshly made over the holidays by Nathalie Aall and family in Utah.  As you can see, she gave a focus to those cute little critters often found over the heads and under the feet of jaguars.  The pictures speak for themselves. but do you know that amphibians all over the world are vanishing and need our attention?  If you aren’t familiar with the organization, Save the Frogs, check them out…… they do important work for all of our frog friends.

The Fed Ex guy had to wait for me to open it so he could see why I was so excited!

The golden frog is now basically extinct in the wild and scientists are struggling to save them!

Esther, Nathalie's mom and fellow artist, crocheted 26 of these leaf bunches by hand over a VERY busy holiday season!

The cute toe pads on this poison frog are to die for!

Everyone loves a tree frog!

Now, that's a mouthfull!

I’ve got to run now and add this panel to the tapestry before the big day when our jaguar climbs A-Mtn!

A big warm furry HUG  to Nathalie, her mom, and her grandmother, Caroline for the beautiful work they did!  WOW.  And here are photos of the awesome women at work:

We are all truly impressed by the variety and volume of embroidery floss at this household!

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