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175 Foot Giant Jaguar Seen on A-Mountain Today!!!

With the help over 50 friends, neighbors, and volunteers WE DID IT!  We carried the jaguar and all its glorious biodiversity up and down A-Mountain as part of the first annual Beyond-Tucson event!

Thanks to Sandy Landham of Environmental Flying Services we even had a plane for Paul Hamilton of Biodiversity Photography (and my super-supportive hubby) to take photos from overhead.  And, because of the patience of our neighbor Mark DeLevie, some sweet video was taken as we emerged from the gazebo on the mountain.  Here, check out these images and video clips and see for yourself how beautiful it was:

Randall Longcore was our on-the-ground photographer.  Randall must’ve run about 10 miles today getting images to share.  We’ll post his stuff in the next blog.  I can’t wait to see them and the close-ups of all us jaguar-handlers!  But here’s just one more for now:

Photo by Randall Longcore

Lots of folks who were on the mountain for a morning run or bike ride were quite intrigued and excited, including a local boyscout troop who “ohhed” and” ahhhed” over the images we carried.  One of the best moments was when the folks from SIA Tech High School ran to meet us in the gazebo to add their last-minute but lovely heart-covered panel.  We decided to let them bring up the rear to remind everyone that panels can still be made.  Yep folks, this jag is a juvenile, who will continue to grow as he migrates all over jag territory!

So, please share your comments, stay posted for Randall’s as well as others photos and video, and a final THANKS to Defenders of Wildlife for coffee, bagels, and getting this thing off the ground!!!

Here’s a close-up of SIA Tech’s gorgeous surprise panel:

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