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Velvet Swims to Hawke’s Bay

Thanks to the flexibility and patience of Gabriela Gomez Fell and others in Hawke’s Bay Velvet was enjoyed by many, including visitors to the National Aquarium.  Here is the full newspaper article on her visit in the Hawke’s Bay Today .   Somehow, “Velvet” took on the name of “Wendy” in this article, but, no worries, it looks like her tuna-in-trouble message got through regardless.

Here are some photos of Velvet being hung in Hawke’s Bay:

I love how the head and tail circle around to meet.

How to deal with the great mess of tuna?!

The ties Peta added are really working well! Thanks Peta!          If you want to see all the photos, go here

Thanks Gabriela and everyone in Hawke’s Bay!

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