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Tales of Canterbury and Beyond…

Our dear travelling tuna has been so busy we can’t even keep up with her as she is getting around all over on the South Island.  Thanks to the EnviroSchools team (especially Hilary Isles, Jen Rodgers, and Toni Watts) Velvet is being seen by heaps of kids and adults and raising awareness regarding the longfin’s overlooked endangered status.

Here’s a brief but impressive synopsis from Hilary:

Velvet has been to Kaikoura and visited two schools who each made a new section and she’s been in the newspaper there:  A Stitch In Time Article

Ladbrooks Water Workshops

So, our tuna is really getting out and about!. 

Thanks for the update Hilary and if anyone has more photos or info from these events just drop a line and we’ll add them to this post!

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