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Return to the Wild West Coast!

Kim McPherson, the energetic and super-busy manager of Hokitika’s National Kiwi Centre,

“What a day that was when I drove back up to Runanga school – I had such an emotional roller coaster during my drive up there.  I thought about our journey one year ago and I had this amazing sense of “humbleness” to be taking this precious piece of artwork to the school where it all began.  Tears and laughter all the way.  Many of the same children still were there and it was a lovely time there especially with teacher Joy Baker.”

Here is 9-29March12 is Runanga’s schools newsletter with Velvet…check it out!

Kim continues to share about her Velvet visits:

“I then went on the Paroa school – what a welcome! The entire school got out and helped unload and lay out Velvet – one student got on the roof of the building to take a picture and couldn’t get her all in the photo!  The students walked and looked with such enthusiasm around the eel and pointed out the various creatures – Jodi the teacher that helped drive the project in the end (Priscilla who began it has left), was in awe of the size and work that has gone into it….

Indeed, how inspiring to see that when all of us do our bit that we can make huge and amazing things happen.  “Cheers” to Kim and all the wild and crazy west coasters for their enthusiasm.  And, if it’s been a while since you visited the Kiwi Center in Hokitika, you should go.  Not only can you see kiwi, tuatara, and taniwha-sized eel, but they have been working on displaying more of New Zealand’s endemic and migratory native freshwater fish!  Thanks for all you do for freshwater education Kim!!!

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