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Nathalie Aall’s Rainforest Reality

Nathalie Aall, who recently received her masters in biological sciences (with a focus on herpetology) from West Virginia’s Marshall University, has been graciously volunteering here at RAEI‘s Tucson-based office for the past 10 days.  Not only has she helped find students interested in doing field research during the organization’s Amazon trips, but she extended her love of the rainforest and all its wildlife towards “Sewing Spots Together”.

Nathalie at work on her panel

Nathalie is a shining example of how one person can give a little love and time and create something beautiful for our jaguar.

Nathalie's hand-drawn (oil pastel) toucan

With a little help from her companion, Ross Maynard, she has sewn together a fantastic panel all her own.

Nathalie's Rainforest Jag Panel

Ross and his turtle addition.....go herps!

Nathalie, whose creativity seems to be inherited from her ultra artistic mom, is planning to join RAEI in Ecuador and Vietnam in 2012, and she’s excited to think that she’ll get to experience the biodiverse rainforest first hand.

Nathalie is not only a biologist, but also an artist, as you can see.  She works mostly in pastels and used some oil pastels (for fabric) here with bright, realistic results.

Nathalie's hand drawn tree frog on leaf

Clearly Nat’s skills lend themselves to fiber arts…….. and we are so lucky and re-invigorated to have her.  Her ingenuity and enthusiasm has been so contagious that several other folks (including me) have stepped up to make a panel all their own.

Nat's bat

Nat's spider

So, a huge “Gracias” to Nathalie for the sumptuous addition and breath of fresh creative air… not to even mention all her fabulous cooking!

Nathalie's "rainforests of the world" map

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