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Jaguar at the Border Wall!!!

What an inspiring and invigorating day we had this past Thursday when John Davis, on his Trek West journey met Sewing Spots Together in Naco, Mexico to cross the border from Mexico to the United States.

 John is walking, biking and paddling from Hermosilla, Mexico all the way to Canada to bring attention for the need to connect our wild spaces with wild corridors so that species like the jaguar can roam and breed.

We were joined by Yaqui shaman who blessed John’s journey into the US.  The blessing gave us time to reflect on just why we do all the hard work we do for biodiversity.  And, we were also joined by several Naco teachers and environmentalists from Naturalia.  Together with folks from Defenders of Wildlife, Sky Island Alliance, and others we carried our beloved tapestry around town while the conch shells were sounded and folks came out onto the street to cheer us.  We made our way to the border wall to visually highlight the problems created for wildlife by such barriers.

Thanks to Border Patrol cooperation and patience no one was shot at when John and El Tigre de Matt climbed the wall!

Here is the write up in the Sierra Vista Herald

Then, we carried ourselves and our jaguar back to Bisbee for beers and camaraderie.  “Cheers” to John for making this journey for connecting wild places and people along the way!

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