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Canterbury Last Visit Marks 50th on Tuna Tour!

Their sidewalks may be cracked, their roads buckled, and their chimneys crumbled, but these Christchurch-area EnviroSchool kids have sustainable hearts that are unbroken!  It was a fun last workshop day for the Eel Woman, on her 50th school visit during the past two months in New Zealand.  

The tiredness may show in her eyes, but the tuna spirit was still flowing strong…. Thanks to the enthusiasm of this special group of folks who care about the state of their freshwater life.  Although an official count has yet to be made, this combined workshop with students from Ohaka, St. Joseph’s, and Loburn Primary Schools was at least the 75th Tuna Tapestry workshop given since arriving in Whangarei in early February. 

Great job kids.  It was so good to be able to work together!

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