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WOOOHOOO! Glenbervie is the first to share their finished tapestry section!

Glenbervies Tuna Tapestry Makes Velvet 6 Meters Long So Far! What a beautiful start.

Here is what Kim Cairns at Glenbervie had to say about their school’s time working on Velvet:

“We had a fantastic time away at camp. All 69  children aged 6-8 years have contributed to our panel, each one doing about 45 mins. They did as much as they could in that time and then the next group arrived and carried on where the others had left off.

The helping parents were well involved too!! The panel is now being displayed in our school office foyer -with a poster to promote the cause!!

Thanks for the fabulous opportunity and experience”

I know many parents  (including the ever-helpful, ride-giving, eel care-taking Helen Martin!) were instrumental in the fun and the finished product.  Thanks for getting this off to a good start Glenbervie!

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