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South Featherton School Are Local Freshwater Experts!

Here’s what Liv had to say about the experience: ”

I just loved the session, was on a buzz the rest of the day from it.

Living on the shores of Lake Wairarapa, spending many hours fishing on our beautiful rivers has been a gift, today was like polishing the gift.

Having South Featherston School pick up my dream on being active guardians of our lake of tuna and rakau has just been awesome, a feeling of giving awhi to an old family member who was quietly fading and dying.  The second part of my dream is to connect senior members of our Featherston community to the tamariki of the school and share their stories of their times on and around the lake.

We need to put that sparkle back into te karu o te ika (the eye of the fish).

I am buzzing about supporting our clients (the children) with the opportunity to be part of the looooong  tuna, an opportunity to build self esteem, build self worth, to connect with the tuna of their awa.”

Viv Lyster

Kura Kaimahi-a-Iwi (Social Worker in Schools)

Dave Meehan’s kids, with the creative encouragement of Viv Lyster who is quite a seamstress, joined Velvet at the Aratoi Museum today in Masterton and crafted eel sock puppets.  They have also decided to create a section of the tapestry.   These students are participating in the Wai Care program and were extremely knowledgeable regarding the freshwater vertebrate and invertebrate life in their Wairarapa area stream


Elver Fingers

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