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Dee Pigneguy Fed Me Right in Auckland.

Dee is the author of many fantastic books, including “Feed Me Right”.  When she picked me up I asked to stop at the grocery store and she asked, “What for?”.  In the days to come I was able to eat almost solely from the edible forest that is her yard in suburban Auckland.  One morning I actually woke to a “plop” as a pear fell off a tree and through my bedroom window, landing on the bed.  The “chooks” gave some eggs to help out, and I was glad for the wine and chocolate I purchased…… but, her garden and cooking had my belly full of healthy and yummy food.  Ahhhh.. SILVER BEET!  Also, there was almost no waste as what wasn’t eaten was composted.  If everyone started doing this, the pharmaceutical industry would be non-existent…Heck, capitalism could be at risk due to this woman!

Dee and Mike in their edible forest.

Dee and Mike have been married for 45 years and are a pure joy to be around.  Their appreciation of each other and support of each other’s work is heart-warming and hope-giving.  An extra “Thanks” to Skipper Mike for the sweet ferry boat ride in Auckland’s bay.  Beautiful.

And Dee was so generous and wise in her sharing of book publishing and marketing help.  If “Velvet and Elvis” gets printed, I’ll owe a lot to her “out-of-the-box” creative and “can-do” thinking.  Dee reminded me of the true nature of grace and beauty through her joy of life and knowing that the joy grows when shared.  I hope I’ll be back to see them and hug the ancient Kouri tree in their neighborhood.

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